At the heart of Dubai, 4K Media was established in 2014. Since then, the company has expanded to include a specialist team of producers, animators, editors, creative directors, and camera/sound operators. Together, we create unique productions that meet the needs of our clients across all media.

We believe that cinema is the only honest thing remaining in our world, and that’s why everything we do will have a cinematic touch. Large or small, purely educating or extraordinarily entertaining, whatever the project is, we will transform your ideas into reality.

As we live in a visually driven social age, 4K Media is devoted and committed to make every project a piece of art.

We believe in the powerful impact of creativity. At the heart of every production is the creative concept. It’s what will help ‘sell’ your story, entice your audience, and ensure your video or animation is memorable.

Our talented creative directors take the time to understand your brief and find the most effective way to communicate your story from start to finish.

“Get in touch with 4K Media today, and your great ideas will be visualized so the whole world can see them”


4K Media is a prominent media partner that escorts its clients throughout their journey. With an outstanding professional team picked from around the world, 4K Media is able to address a wide range of services to help its clients stay ahead of the competitive marketplace. We specialise in video and animation. Our film crews shoot in any location and are experienced at capturing memorable, engaging content. We also offer a full range of add-on services such as language re-versioning, subtitling, and voice over.

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The blend of years of experience and creativity has led to tremendous success in the field of 2D & 3D animations and reality video shooting. With 4K Media, your great ideas are visualized so the whole world can see them. When you work with 4K Media, we offer you peace of mind because every aspect of your production is managed by us. From the creative idea to recording the final voice-over in our studio, we deliver a complete project. What’s more, every production is securely archived, so we can access it on demand and make any updates you need.